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Best Strawberry Caipiroska: the recipe for making the easy and fresh cocktail

Total time: 5 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 1 person
By Cookist
5 cl
Brown sugar
3 tsp
crushed ice

The strawberry caipiroska is an alcoholic cocktail made of fresh strawberries, lime and dry vodka that gives a new twist to the classic Caipiroska. It is a fruity cocktail, delicate and sugary with its 24°, perfect for an aperitif on the beach or for an evening with friends. Making strawberry caipiroska is very easy, you just need a few ingredients and a bit of skill and it can also be prepared in many variations according to the fruit you like best.

How to make Strawberry Caipiroska

Take an Old Fashioned type glass with a rather wide base. Clean the lime under cold running water, cut it in half and then one half into wedges. Clean the strawberries, remove the stem and cut them into four.

Pour the sliced lime into the glass, add the brown sugar and with a pestle start to crush with rotating movements until you get a puree of lime and sugar.

Now add the strawberries and continue to mash until they are pulped. Chop the ice or break it up with a meat tenderizer and pour it into the glass, filling it to the brim. Pour in the vodka and stir with a long-handled spoon to mix the fruit pulp and sugar with the vodka. Your strawberry caipiroska is ready, serve it with a slice of lime or a fresh strawberry.

Tips for making Strawberry Caipiroska

If you do not have fresh strawberries on hand, you can use 2cl of strawberry syrup.

For this type of preparation, it is best to use brown sugar and not white granulated sugar.

Caipiroska Variations

The term "caipiroska" refers to a type of cocktail made of pure vodka and fruit: you can prepare a melon caipiroska, or a berry caipiroska.

How to store Strawberry Caipiroska

It is recommended to serve the caipiroska freshly prepared in order to prevent the ice from melting and ruining your cocktail.

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