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Caipiroska Cocktail Recipe

Total time: 5 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 1 person
By Cookist


2 ounces
Granulated white sugar
1 tbsp

Caipiroska, also known as Caipivodka, belongs to the category of crushed cocktails, as it is based on the crushing of fresh fruit juice, herbs and sugar to which are added ice and an alcohol base. Caipiroska is a reinterpretation of Caipirinha, a cocktail originating from Brazil and based on cachaça, a distillate of sugar cane. What distinguishes the two cocktails is the alcoholic base: dry vodka for the Caipiroska and Cachaça for the Caipirinha. A drink having 23% alcohol with a compact taste which, thanks to the neutral flavor of vodka, allows the base to be flavored in different ways with strawberry, peach, banana, with the addition of syrups, but also aromatic herbs and flowers. Here's how to prepare a lime-based caipiroska, to drink as it is or customizing it according to taste.

How to make Caipiroska

Cut the lime into wedges by removing first the two ends and then the central white thread. (1) Put the lime wedges in a low tumbler or old fashioned glass with the sugar. Pound everything with the muddler and, once the sugar has melted, add the crushed ice and pour the vodka. (2) Stir with the help of the stiller or a teaspoon. Decorate as you like, perhaps with a slice of lime, add 2 short straws and serve. (3)


The most popular variation is definitely the strawberry Caipiroska. The basic recipe is the same as we presented, plus you need to add two strawberries: cut them into small pieces and mash them completely with the pestle together with the lime and sugar.

Obviously, the Caipiroska can also be prepared with other fruits or by adding their syrup, then peach, mango, watermelon, banana. One way to customize this cocktail in many different ways.


To prepare a good Caipiroska it is important to get fresh citrus and fruit. So use ripe limes at the right point.

To soften the sour taste of lime you can add a fruit syrup to your Caipiroska: the result will be a sweeter cocktail.


People who love the Caipirinha cocktail usually hate Caipiroska which instead turns out to be the most loved cocktail by women thanks to its sweet taste, especially when it is flavored with fruit or syrups.

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