Stuffed chocolate apples: a simple recipe to male a fantastic dessert

Puff pastry apples with a creamy heart.

By Cookist

Why spend a lot of time in the kitchen when you can prepare a simple dessert in minutes? This is the perfect and tasty recipe to quickly prepare a dessert to be served at the end of a meal or for tea with friends.

Ingredients: 4 apples (one for each guests); brown sugar; puff pastry; chocolate bars; caramel; whipped cream.



1) Wash and peel the apples, cut the middle (making a hole);

2) Put the apples into the brown sugar;

3) Make some stripes with puff pastry and some leaves too;

4) Roll the puff pastry around apples and fill them with chocolate bars;

5) Pour caramel too;

6) Bake at 356°F (180°) for 15 minutes.

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