Stuffed pizza dough with a “cheesefall”: a mouthwatering appetizer very easy to make

Fast and simple appetizer, try it!

By Cookist

Beautiful and delicious idea to serve appetizer. Try this simple recipe and enjoy!

Ingredients: Pizza dough; Cream; Parsley; Ham; Cheese slices.



1)Spread the dough and cover with cream;

2) Add parsley (chopped) and ham slices;

3) Roll and cut the stuffed dough;

4) Bake at 356°F for 12 minutes;

5) Then melt the cheese slices and pour them on the roll.

Serve and enjoy!

Try also this: Savory flowers with ricotta and olives: an easy to make and super tasty appetizer!

Ingredients: 200g ricotta; pepper; cheese; pizza dough; green olives.



1) Cut the dough into circles using a glass.
2) On the 4 sides place a dollop of ricotta and some cheese.
3) Fold over the corners toward the center and place an olive in the middle.
4) Bake at 190°C for 20 minutes.

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