Many of us must have taken advice from a nutritionist at some point in our lives! More or less, there is some category of food preparations that almost all nutritionists recommend you to consume and yet there is an equally long list of food preparations that the nutritionists would advise you against. Read on to know the later before you venture out for your next grocery shopping trip.

Many times we end up consuming food preparations that we think will benefit our health but they actually act otherwise. You will be surprised to know about the foods that you must avoid consuming, as suggested by many nutritionists.

  • Cauliflower rice may be a healthy alternative to regular rice but the frozen version available in the market is certainly not the best one to opt for. Frozen bags of cauliflower rice mostly do not taste as good and it is rather nicer to have regular rice in limited quantities. Though brown rice has a tad bit more quantity of dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins than white rice, consuming either of them with a generous serving of vegetables will do you more good than half heartedly chewing on to an unpalatable serving of cauliflower rice.
  • Store bought salad dressing, that is not stored in the refrigerator and has been sealed in a jar for months is usually prepared with oils of ‘not so good quality’ and a wider range of preservatives. Both of which will do you no good. It is recommended that you either take some effort and prepare your own salad dressing or rather buy the one that is stored in the refrigerator, which may have fewer preservatives.
  • Tomato sauce, which is sold in a jar is loaded with sodium, artificial additives, and additional sugar. All of these help to prolong the shelf life of commercially available tomato sauce. It is highly recommended that you rather use a can of crushed tomatoes to prepare fresh tomato sauce topped with garlic and basil in olive oil. This will not only add a delicious punch of flavors but also save you from eating large quantities of artificial additives unnecessarily.
  • Bulletproof coffee is the latest food fad that adds plenty of unnecessary calories to your diet and it is advised that you rather replace it with something low in calories yet healthy such as green tea, almond milk, spiced tea etc.
  • Granola, may not always be healthy. Particularly, the store bought ones that are loaded with sugar and salt. You must rather try to prepare these yourself or check the food label well before making a purchase.
  • Spray butter, may not necessarily be a perfect replacement for regular butter and instead spoils favor of an otherwise delicious tasting food, you may rather opt for olive oil than using this.
  • Lower quality beef, such as the factory farmed beef variations must be replaced with beef that is mainly fed on grass and not growth hormones.