Read on to know about 11 foods that are dreaded by almost all the nutritionists!

Every nutritionist recommends to eat healthily and exercise regularly. While you may continue to eat junk food every once in a while, there are certain foods that every nutritionist forbids you to eat. Here is a list of some of these foods which are forbidden by the nutritionists.

Sweet yogurt

It is better to consume yogurt but without adding any sugar or additives (particularly processed ones) to it. Adding sugar to yogurt actually turns it into a dessert rather a healthy milk-based food product.


White rice is least beneficial for our health as it contains a large amount of simple carbohydrates. So, regular and uncontrolled consumption of rice can most likely result in weight gain.


You should add parsley very carefully to the salads, dressing, mayonnaise, and sour cream based food preparations as parsley emit nitrites, which can turn poisonous within 30 minutes of adding to foods.

Store-bought sauce

Avoid consuming mustard, mayonnaise, tartar, ketchup, and other variety of sauce that contains plenty of preservatives and sugar.

Dried foods

One must pick and choose dry fruits very carefully and check their color, odor, luster, and softness to assure buying good quality dried fruits. Even fruit and vegetable-based chips are not a great snack food as many of them are processed with chemicals to maintain their appearance and taste.


It is very difficult to resist eating sweet and delicious grapes, which tends to shoot the blood sugar level and badly impact our health.

Incorrectly cooked fish


 Smoked, fried, and salted fish are extremely harmful to our health. So, you can either boil or steam fish to savor its nutrients in the best way possible.


Scientists have found that pollen present in modified corn contains harmful poison and thus one should avoid consuming canned corn or any other canned food product.

Nut milk

Most of the variety of nut milk contains added sugar and preservatives, which lowers the health quotient of these otherwise healthy alternate source of milk.

Rice cakes

Rice cakes have a high glycemic index and thus it cannot be considered a healthy food product.

Eating too much avocado

Consuming too much avocado can be detrimental to our health as it is really high in calories. Also, eating it in plenty may reduce the anti-inflammatory effect of avocado and the RBC count of our body.