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15 high-sodium foods to be avoided

Here are some of the foods which are very high in sodium and should be avoided.

By Cookist

Read on to know which high-sodium foods you should avoid!

Table salt comprises 40% of sodium and given the high number of hypertension cases in the world today, it is best to control your sodium intake both from the visible salt and from invisible high-sodium food sources or the foods containing high-sodium content. Here are some of the foods which are very high in sodium and should be avoided.



Any form of packaged shrimp (frozen or with preservatives) should be avoided as it contains high sodium content that adds up to 35% of the RDI for every 3oz. serving. It is best to consume fresh-caught shrimp that is without any additives and salt.

Packaged soup

Canned or packaged soups are very high in sodium and should thus be avoided.



Salt is added to cure and flavor the ham meat, which increases its sodium content.

Instant pudding

Even though instant puddings may not taste salty, but they still contain many high-sodium additives that can negatively impact our health.

Cottage cheese


Either rinse cottage cheese under running water or use freshly prepared cottage cheese to reduce its sodium content.

Vegetable juice

Most of the vegetable juices are high in sodium.

Salad dressing


Salt is added to improve the shelf life of salad dressings and thus one should be extra watchful while using it.


For obvious reasons, pizza should be avoided. It is also rich in sodium and if plenty of processed meats are added to it, then it is like a ticking time-bomb for your health.



Most of the sandwiches sold in the market contain processed meats, high-sodium condiments, cheese, and bread, and all of these ingredients are very high in sodium content.


Packaged or market-made broths or stocks may flavor your dish but they are also very high in sodium.

Canned vegetables


These convenient food packages may seem healthy but they inevitably impact our health as they contain high sodium content which is required to preserve them.

Processed cheese

Processed cheese use added salt to improve the consistency of the product and also prolong its shelf life.



Leavening agents used to ferment tortilla increases its sodium contents.

Cold meat cuts

Luncheon meats and salami are very high in sodium and thus should be avoided.



Sauces, pickles, and other commercially sold condiments contain a high amount of sodium to improve the shelf life of these products and thus should be avoided.

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