The appetizers are an important component of the Christmas table: whether it's the Christmas Eve dinner, or the 25th lunch, here are some suggestions to make fast and delicious appetizers to amaze your guests. Then find out which are the 10 best Christmas appetizers to make your party table rich and tasty.


Christmas recipes

Appetizers are an important part of the Christmas table: whether it's the Christmas Eve dinner, or the 25th lunch, here are some suggestions to make fast and delicious appetizers to amaze your guests: from the classic shrimp cocktail to the salmon canapés, until refined scallops au gratin and liver paté. Then let’s find out which are the 10 best Christmas appetizers, to make your party table rich and tasty.

1. Shrimp cocktail

The shrimp cocktail is always an appreciated appetizer, perfect for the festive table. The preparation of the recipe is really simple: clean 400 grams of shrimps, cook them in water for 5 minutes and keep them aside. Then prepare the cocktail sauce with 2 egg yolks, salt, pepper and 10 ml of seed oil and work it all with an electric mixer, until your mayonnaise has reached the right consistency. Then add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of ketchup, 1 teaspoon of cognac, 1 teaspoon of mustard and 1 teaspoon of worcestershire sauce and mix well. Let it rest in the refrigerator, then add the shrimps, mix them with the sauce and place in the refrigerator for an hour before serving.

2. Savory profiteroles

The savory profiteroles are a tasty Christmas appetizer, good to amaze your guests: a base of salted choux paste, substituting sugar with salt, and a filling made with a mousse based on goat cheese, peel and juice of lemon, salt, a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and thyme. Once ready, serve them with pieces of salmon to make them more scenographic. You can of course vary the filling as you like, using a different cheese, or a tuna or cooked ham mousse, so as to personalize them according to your personal tastes or those of your guests.

3. Walnut sauce canapes

The walnut sauce canapes are a fast and tasty Christmas appetizer. To prepare them, mix 100 grams of ricotta cheese in a bowl, 50 grams of crushed walnut kernels, 1 tablespoon of grated Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. All you have to do is mix all the ingredients to get your walnut mousse. Remove the crust of sliced bread, and spread a thick layer of mousse. Lay down a walnut kernel and a toothpick and serve.

4. Gastronomic Panettone

Gastronomic Panettone is a classic of Christmas tables. The most important part is the preparation of the savory Panettone made with manitoba flour, milk, eggs, brewer's yeast, butter, sugar and salt. Once ready the Panettone, you will just cut it into thick slices of about 2 cm and then fill each layer with the ingredients you prefer such as goat cheese, ham, mayonnaise, smoked salmon, lettuce, shrimp cocktail or whatever you like. The end result will be a "tower" of truly irresistible taste.

5. Salmon rolls

The salmon rolls are a good appetizer for those who want to prepare a fast and tasty Christmas appetizer: just fill one or two slices of salmon with goat cheese flavored with aromatic herbs. The slices must then be rolled up by making small rolls. Serve them with a little olive oil and chopped parsley, or with pink pepper or lemon slices. You can of course stuff them with the spreadable cheese you prefer, like ricotta cheese or Philadelphia cheese, and flavor them with parsley, rocket, marjoram or chives.

6. Russian salad

The Russian salad is a cold appetizer typical of the festive table that is prepared with pieces of cooked and raw vegetables, peas and mayonnaise. The main ingredients are usually carrots, potatoes, peas, to which you can add pickles. The vegetables are boiled, cut into small pieces, combined with the potatoes and mashed with a fork. Boiled peas, hard-boiled eggs, salt, a drizzle of oil and mayonnaise are added to the mixture. Mix everything, level it and decorate it with black olives and mayonnaise. Store in the refrigerator before serving.

7. Salmon canapes

The salmon canapes are a simple and delicious appetizer, a refined dish to prepare in a short time. To prepare them remove the crust from the sliced bread, cut the slices into squares of about 4 cm, or make some small circles, and toast them in a pan for a few minutes. Spread the canapés with the butter, add the pieces of smoked salmon and decorate with spreadable cheese, helping with a pastry bag and garnish with chives or pink peppercorns.

8.Scallops au gratin

The scallops au gratin are a refined and original appetizer, to make your Christmas table perfect. A simple and safe recipe. Place the scallops in a bowl with cold water and salt for 40 minutes, remove the fruit, clean it from the transparent protection and the black part. Clean the white part and the mollusc under running water. Leave to dry and place on a baking sheet and spread on the scallops breadcrumbs, chopped parsley, salt and pepper and extra-virgin olive oil. Then bake them in oven at 200 ° for 15 minutes, until the surface is nicely gratinated. Serve them then hot.

9. Savory Christmas Log

The savory Christmas log is an original appetizer, spectacular and easy to make. Place 5 slices of breadcrumbs without crust nearby, flatten them with a rolling pin and lay down 100 grams of sliced cooked ham, 300 grams of Capricciosa salad and then roll. Sprinkle the surface of the savory log with cream cheese and create the veins of a trunk helping yourself with a fork. Then mix it with pink pepper in grains and rosemary. Serve it on a serving dish, and cut it into slices.

10. Liver pate

The liver pate is very good for a refined party table. To prepare it, you will need to cook livers of chicken, veal or rabbit in a pan with chopped onion, oil and butter, all flavored with bay leaves and marsala wine or cognac. Once cooked, the liver will be blended in the mixer with the softened butter. Once ready the pate will be poured into a buttered plumcake mold and lined with plastic wrap and stored in the refrigerator for 4 hours. After the right time has passed, decorate it to taste and serve it in slices.