You like to go out and party, but the next morning you are cursing yourself for having drunk too much? These 10 foods will help you tackle the hangover and get back in perfect shape for a new party.

You love having fun and drinking too much at parties, but then you do not know how to deal with the hangover the next day? When you wake up with your head still spinning, nausea and with the only desire to drive that general illness away, you curse yourself for having drunk so much the night before. It all becomes really difficult to deal with when you have important commitments the day after. To overcome the effects of a colossal hangover, you can resort to a series of specific foods, which in the blink of an eye will drive away that obsessive and pounding headache and that will allow you to face the day as if nothing had ever happened at night before. These foods will absorb alcohol and will help the body to expel it.

Eggs benedict – This recipe is extremely caloric and fat, but it will be a panacea when you still feel the effects of the hangover in the morning. Cook the eggs with butter, bacon and hollandaise sauce and they will be perfect for breakfast. Accompanied with bread, they will absorb all the alcohol in your body and will give the body the right protein charge.

Boiled rice – Have you woken up too late to have breakfast? Have directly lunch. Boil the rice and do not throw the cooking water. At the end of the meal, try to drink it, even if it does not seem very appealing. The starch that releases the rice will be perfect to feel good again after a hangover.

Green tea – If you do not want to abandon traditional breakfast, green tea will be the best solution. You must drink it in half an hour and it will be able to remove excess toxins and alcohol still circulating in the blood. This is definitely the best solution to feel better again after a hangover.


Avocado – This fruit contains the healthy fats needed to absorb alcohol and to give the right strength to your body to face a difficult day. You have to spread a ripe avocado on a slice of toasted bread to say goodbye to the hangover immediately after waking up.


Pancakes – The typically American breakfast, with pancakes and maple syrup, is ideal for facing a hangover. Even if after waking up, you don’t feel to eat something so sweet, you will have to force yourself. The sugar will lower the levels of insulin and also the fats contained in this recipe will absorb all the alcohol in your body.

Salmon – Salmon is a fish rich in proteins and healthy fats, essential for tackling hangovers. Even if you have suffered all morning, you can easily find a solution at lunch.

Hamburger – A burger sandwich will certainly not be so healthy, but it will help you to drive away the nausea you've had from the night before. Furthermore, you know, giving yourself some junk food from time to time will have beneficial effects on your mood.

Pizza – Pizza is one of the foods that will allow you to deal with hangover in the best way. Whether you eat it at lunch or at breakfast it does not matter, it will fight every kind of headache and sense of nausea in no time.

Asparagus – For those who cannot do without a healthy diet even in a "dramatic" moment like hangover, asparagus will be the ideal choice. Consumed with a drizzle of oil, they will remove alcohol from the lymphatic system.


Bananas – Bananas are rich in mineral salts, vitamins and potassium and it is precisely for this reason that they will help you to face a particularly heavy hangover with strength and charge. At the end of the day, you will feel ready to start partying again.