It must be happened to everybody to be struck by a sudden headache that has prevented us to conduct normal daily activities because of pain. Headache is a disorder that affects 12% of the population, its causes are not yet clear, the only certain thing is that the pain is unbearable. To counteract it, you can follow a specific diet. Here are the 10 foods to eat to ward off headaches.

1. Bananas

Bananas are a real healthy cure, especially when you are hit by an unbearable headache. They are rich in vitamin B6 and have antidepressant and analgesic properties.

2. Legumes


Legumes are also ideal for preventing an annoying headache. In particular, it would be better to consume peas and lentils because they can be more easily digested.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in calcium, a perfect nutrient to reduce headaches. Consuming 1,200 mg every day reduces the chances of experiencing headaches by 50%.

4. Coffee


Unlike what you might think, coffee has many beneficial qualities, one of which is that it can relieve headaches. It has a vasoconstrictor power, constricts blood vessels and slightly reduces pain.

5. Spinach 

 Spinach is rich in B vitamins. These vitamins have analgesic properties and they can fight headaches.

6. Salmon

Salmon is rich in Omega 3, the "good" fats with incredible anti-inflammatory properties. Alternatively, you can also eat trout and sardines.

7. Ginger

Ginger is one of the most powerful natural painkillers. Its beneficial properties are endless, just consume a little each day to fight headaches in the best way.

8. Potatoes

Headaches are often caused by the lack of potassium. Potatoes contain high amounts of potassium and then they are the perfect food for pain relief.

9. Mint

Mint is a powerful natural analgesic. It can be consumed in the form of an infusion or essential oil, its effects will be the same.

10. Lavender, lemon balm and linden

Lavender, lemon balm and linden infusions have a powerful sedative effect. Not by chance, they are not only used to combat headaches but also to cure anxiety naturally.