Do you always use chemical products and detergents for household chores? The time has come to resort to something more natural. Here are some grandmother's remedies to clean the house.

Cleaning house is one of the activities that women most hate, it is tiring and stressful thing, and at the end you find yourself completely dirty. Usually, we use detergent products bought in supermarkets but few know that natural ingredients can also be used. Our grandmothers, for example, used the most varied remedies to clean the house. Let's find out what their tips are to get the household chores done quickly.

1. Plumbing – Everybody has had some problems with the plumbing, sometimes. To avoid using toxic chemicals, try boiling water. If thrown into the plumbing, most of the time it will solve the problem. In severe cases, a mixture can be prepared with a dose of cream of tartar, salt, sodium bicarbonate and boiling water.


2. Degreaser – To degrease surfaces such as kitchen and stove, you do not need detergents sold in supermarkets, you can use natural products. Water, bicarbonate and vinegar are excellent for steel and tiles.

3. Moka pot – Often, when the moka filter does not work well, you just throw it and buy another one. Few people know, however, that you can try to place it on the flame: in this way the dirt residues will be burned. To remove the limescale from the moka pot, you must also immerse it in a pot of water and vinegar and rub the outer parts with an old toothbrush soaked in water and salt.

4. Glasses – To clean the glass you do not need any special and expensive rags, you just need some old newspapers, able to make them shine. To avoid the creation of halos, it is necessary to carry out this operation when the sun is not direct and, in case the glasses are particularly dirty, you have to dust them before starting.

5. Jewels – Sometimes jewelry, with the passage of time, tend to become dark and opaque. To make them come back bright, there is a "do-it-yourself" little trick. Just immerse them in a basin with warm water and dish soap for an hour. The most delicate parts can be rubbed with a toothbrush: the result will be incredible.

6. Bathroom – The bathroom must be the freshest and cleanest place in the house and it is necessary to wash it every day. To do this, just use a sponge soaked in alcohol, vinegar and detergent. The toilet brush should be sprinkled with bicarbonate and vinegar, while the tiles can be washed with borax, water and essential oil.

7. Floors – Floors, whether wood or marble, can be washed with Marseille soap and water. In case you want a slightly more intense fragrance, you can add essential oil of lavender, bergamot or eucalyptus. If you also want to clean the kitchen or bathroom tiles, you can also simply use vinegar and hot water.


8. Stains – Grandmother's remedy to eliminate stains? Use dishwashing detergent, very effective even against grease, as it is a degreaser. Alternatively, you can also use Marseille soap. On white clothes, however, the best thing is to spray a bit of bleach, which will prevent the pre-washing cycle. Lastly, few people know that by ironing fabrics, stains become easier to remove and the fabric tends to last longer.