Kate Middleton always appears in great shape even after three pregnancies, in fact last year she gave birth to her third son Louis and, despite this, still today she boasts an enviable silhouette. In addition to Mother Nature's help, she also has a secret: keeping fit with planks and rowing. The Duchess of Cambridge has always loved sport, in fact at the time of the University she played hockey and still today she is passionate about tennis and sailing. The princess, so loved by English subjects and not only, has a perfect and enviable physical shape, and so she shows that you can be toned and fit even after pregnancy, it is enough to be active and workout regularly.

Kate Middleton and her passion for sport

The Duchess of Cambridge has never officially declared which her secrets of beauty, diet and training are, but according to rumors, she follows the diet of Louise Parker based on fruit, smoothies and many proteins, an healthy and rich diet without eliminating any food. For the free meal, so-called cheat day, she prefers the chicken curry that Prince William loves. You know, the diet is not enough to be constantly in shape and that's probably why Kate Middleton trains hard both with weights and with cardio, often practicing running.

In the Norfolk mansion at Anmer Hall the Duchess of Cambridge has a tennis court, a gym and a swimming pool where she and Prince William teach their children to swim, so Kate can keep fit even in the countryside in the summer months. Being a mother of three children is challenging and, despite the help of nanny Maria Borrallo, Kate has confessed that the best training is to run to chase her children.

In addition, the duchess is a plank enthusiast, a specific exercise that tones the musculature, it consists in resting on the arms for as many minutes as possible, perfect for sculpted abs. Besides the plank, Kate practices rowing and tennis and then also yoga, a relaxing and muscle-strengthening discipline.

The diet followed by Kate Middleton

According to the rumors Kate Middleton immediately returned to her natural shape after three pregnancies thanks to the well-known diet of Pierre Dukan who followed before the marriage and which caused her to lose many kilos. Today, however, she does not follow a precise diet but she only eats healthy food, including some special foods such as gazpacho, watermelon salad, Goji berries and almond milk, which make the skin brighter and also strengthen nails and hair. The duchess favors raw foods that promote digestion and fight swelling. Being athletic and following a healthy diet seems to be a family matter, since even her sister Pippa Middleton confessed to having tried the Sirt diet before her marriage with James Matthews. Kate Middleton, like her sister Pippa, is always impeccable and, at the age of 37 years, she has an enviable lean and tonic physique. The duchess always keeps herself in motion and fights laziness with workout and a healthy diet, not by chance the physical and mental benefits are definitely evident.