We all love to eat seafood for the rich flavor, soft meat and excellent quantity of nutrients these creatures from the marine world have offered to us. But, not all types of fish are safe to eat and there are a few varieties of fish that are nutritionally more endowed than their counter parts. Read on to know the best and worst of the fish world.

Fish are an excellent way to add healthy nutrients to your meal, a majority of these are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and lean proteins. However, there are certain types of fish that can be high in mercury content, which may affect your neurological and cardiovascular health. Below is the list of fish from which you may choose to pick the right ones to benefit yourself.

The best type of fish to eat:

  • Salmon. Salmon is extremely high in omega 3 fatty acids and low in mercury. Wild caught Alaskan Salmon, tank farmed Coho salmon are the best ones to choose from the many varieties of salmon and you must avoid to pick the farmed Atlantic salmon.
  • Albacore Tuna. A few types of tuna fish are extremely high in mercury content but pole caught albacore tuna from the Pacific belt is a safe option to pick from the tuna family.
  • Oysters. Oysters are extremely high in iron and omega 3 fatty acid content and thus are a great option to serve on your dinner platter.
  • Sardines. Wild caught sardines contain more omega 3 fatty acids in every 3 ounces serve compared to salmon and tuna. These super inexpensive fish are extremely high in vitamin D content and should be eaten more often.

The fish you must avoid to eat:

Sea bass. Sea bass is one of the many varieties of fish that contains highest levels of mercury and should be avoided. Shark. This exotic menu option contains extremely high levels of mercury that will get transferred to your system, just in case you wish to go on a culinary adventure. Mackerel. This fish contains extremely high levels of mercury, particularly King mackerel, which makes this marine creature an avoidable food item for people of all ages. Walleye. This fish has a high content of both mercury and toxic PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), and hence should be avoided. Sword fish. These marine predators, much like the shark, are extremely high in mercury as they consume little creatures living in the water. It is recommended that women and kids of all ages must particularly avoid this fish while men can eat no more than one serving of swordfish each month.