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The calluses on the feet: how to reduce them with 7 natural remedies

To optimize the effects of the remedies that we present you, remember to keep the area affected by calluses hydrated and to use a pumice stone (or similar) to exfoliate dead skin.

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To optimize the effects of the remedies that we present you, remember to keep the area affected by calluses hydrated and to use a pumice stone (or similar) to exfoliate dead skin.

Toes and heels suffer daily pressure and constant rubbing with socks and shoes. This causes thickening of the skin, which gives it an overlooked appearance. In the lower limbs, calluses on the feet appear as a consequence.

We will now discover some ways to eliminate calluses on the feet, thanks to several home remedies, cheap and easy to prepare comfortably at home.

Do-it-yourself remedies to reduce calluses on the feet

1. Aspirin


In a container, add a tablespoon of lemon juice and one of water, and six tablets of aspirin that you will have previously pulverized.

Mix well, until you obtain a homogeneous mixture, which you will apply on the points affected by calluses.

The next step is to cover the area with a cloth. After thirty minutes, rinse your feet with warm water and remove the dead skin, using a file or pumice stone. Finally, dry your feet well.

We advise you to repeat the procedure twice a week; the results will be visible from the first application.

2. Apple vinegar


Immerse half a slice of bread in half a cup of apple vinegar and apply to the calluses of each of the two feet. Cover the area with a cloth or a towel, and leave it to work overnight.

The next day, apply a moisturizer cream at the end of the treatment. Perseverance will make the difference.

3. Infusion with chamomile


To soften the calluses on the feet, a good advice is to immerse them in a basin with warm water and 4 bags of camomile for infusions.

Thirty minutes later, rub the heels with pumice stone or a rough file. This step will remove the dead skin and will also improve the appearance of the feet.

4. Sodium bicarbonate


The procedure is similar to that of the previous remedies, and also the effects are similar. In a basin with hot water, add 3 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate and dip your feet for 10 minutes.

The exfoliating power of sodium bicarbonate is very effective for removing dead skin. To optimize its effects we can use a file or a pumice stone.

5. Moisturizing lotion and vaseline


The methods that help to eliminate calluses on the feet are different. The habit of practicing these tips will rigorously guarantee you optimal results, which will give you a pleasant look.

First of all, you must immerse your feet in warm water and without soap, so as not to attack the skin's natural moisture and to not dry out the skin.

With the help of a pumice stone, rub the calluses; then, rinse. It is important to wash the pumice stone to remove dead cells on it and dirt, so as to prolong its useful life.

At this point, apply a specific moisturizing foot lotion. Ideally, massage them with an oil-based ointment for three minutes, after removing the feet from the water.

To minimize the risk of fungi, we recommend avoiding the application of the lotion between the fingers.

Next, spread the vaseline on the calluses and leave your bare feet, without socks. Leave it to work all night. In the morning, wash your feet with warm water and a mild soap.

6. Honey, sugar and lemon


Exfoliation based on honey, sugar and lemon is a very effective treatment to eliminate calluses on the feet.

To proceed, put all the ingredients in a glass, until a homogeneous mixture is obtained, which will exfoliate the skin of the feet.

Then apply a moisturizing body cream or a specific foot cream. Cover them with a plastic bag and wrap in a towel.

After 20 minutes, remove the towel and the envelope. The feeling of softness will be immediate!

7. Olive oil or vaseline


In a basin with warm water, soak your feet for 20 minutes. Dry and rub with the pumice stone or with a file suitable for eliminating dead skin.

So, moisturize both feet with olive oil or vaseline, and cover with socks. You can leave socks on for the whole night, until the awakening, in order to give the feet more hydration.

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