Surprise, surprise! You can now lick your favorite mac and cheese in a candy form. Isn’t it quite a news? This delicacy is currently available online for $5.95. Read on to know more about this new unique flavor of candy canes.

Firstly, it is not every day that you will be served such great news. In fact, all the cheese lovers will be delighted to read this piece of information that every one’s favorite macaroni and cheese are now available as candy canes. It may seem strange to some, but these candy canes are a real treat and something to look forward to this festive season.

This flavor combination seems quite imaginative and pretty much reminds of the Harry Potter series, where you have seen Potter and his peers trying out every flavor candy! So, re-live those moments and pull a prank on your brain with this new confectionary. A Seattle based candy company known as the Archie McPhee has brought the yellow and white color stripped candy during this holiday season of 2018. Currently, it is available only on their website and people have labeled it as comfort food flavored comfort food!

This treat inspired by the popular pasta dish has been reviewed by a few Instagram food reviewers and they shared that it is sweet, smells similar to cheese, tastes quite like Mac n cheese, and can definitely be tried out at least once. This review should be of great help for the ones who are still skeptical of how it will taste like.

The savory childhood favorite flavored candy does not enlist many ingredients, apart from the sugar, corn syrup, water, artificial flavor, and colors, probably because the company wants it to be a secret and not let its rivals leverage upon the details. This particular company is quite famous for bringing out outlandish flavors such as grey clam flavored, rotisserie chicken flavored, gravy flavored, and vegetable flavored candies.

Like their other ventures, this one too should succeed as Macaroni and cheese is loved by people across the world and is a big holiday favorite. In fact, this was the inspiration behind this flavor of the candy. And, this festive holiday season is the perfect time for the company to launch this product.

You can try out this decadent candy flavor by paying $5.95 for a 3.8 ounce or 108 gram candy pack.