Do you love sleeping but you try to stay as little as possible in bed in order not to lead a sedentary life? Good news for you. There is a real sleep diet that reduces the intake of sugars and carbohydrates while lying comfortably in bed.

Studies and Research

It is useless to deny it, sleeping is one of the pleasures of life and each of us would like to do it more every day but unfortunately it is almost never possible. We have always been used to believing that to be fit and healthy we should forget the sedentary lifestyle, staying in bed or on the sofa as little as possible, but for the lazy ones, good news has finally arrived.

In fact, there is the so-called sleep diet, which can burn fat and reduce excess weight even while you sleep.

Why sleeping helps you lose weight?

According to a research conducted at King's College of London and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, sleeping longer each night has a beneficial effect not only on health but also on our figure. The reason? It is a good habit that stimulates the body not to absorb all the sugars taken, thus favoring a healthier lifestyle. In particular, a group of 21 British volunteers was kept under control and the results were clear: the organism of those who could sleep more each night was able to absorb 10 grams less of sugar and carbohydrates than those who could not stay in bed for long. "The fact that more sleep leads to a reduction in the intake of free sugars suggests that a simple change in lifestyle can really help people to follow healthier diets," explained Dr. Wendy Hall, one of the leading authors of the research. In short, it would be enough to spend at least an hour more in bed to start making healthier food choices. The lazy, therefore, can rejoice, even sleeping for hours and hours is an activity with incredible benefits.