Jennifer Lopez needs no introduction, looking at her, you realize that age is just a number. She has continued to stay fit and glowing through all these years, even though she leads a hectic life. Read on to know about one food that she will never ever try.

It may seem pretty unrealistic to know that The J.Lo. is a foodie! This ageless beauty has been following a very strict diet since, like forever, but she still manages to eat all that she loves but in a very controlled portion.

This singer, dancer, and actress love to eat pretty much everything. Right from pizza to octopus to steak, and many other things. However, there is one category of food that she has no intention of trying anytime in the future.

In one of her interviews given in the year 2013, she shared with the world that she has no inclination towards exotic foods, such as the unusual meats, strange fruits, taboo vegetables, or weird spices. Like you will not find her savoring snake meat or venison.

Talking about weird, she sure has a strange food habit, which is to only drink decaf coffee that has been stirred counterclockwise, else she will skip it, though she prevents caffeine and doesn’t drink alcohol.

Jennifer Lopez has been a follower of clean eating since long, and she eats only organic variety of foods. Ingredients such as chicken, fish, eggs, smoothies, salads, oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables are a part of her regular diet.

Her favorite food is Puerto Rican cuisine, chocolate chip ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies. In fact, she eats this cookie ever night before going to her bed!