Winters bring with it the season to have fun and make merry. There is no better way to enjoy festivities than to serve some customized treats to your loved ones. Here is a list of holiday treats that best suit personality of all individuals, based on the zodiac sign.

The holiday season is the time to bulk up on sweet treats and enjoy the festivities. Read on to know which holiday sweet you are as per your zodiac chart.

Aries. You love the spotlight and to stand out in the crowd. People under this sun sign are natural born leaders and Gingerbread house is the perfect attention grabbing treat for them.

Taurus. You have a warm and reliable personality. So, the classic apple pie is the perfect treat for Taurians, who love everything beautiful.

Gemini. The twins have a distinctive personality, much like the fruitcake. Some like and a few may loathe this delicious treat, yet everyone talks about it, just like it is hard to ignore a Geminian.

Cancer. You are tough on the outside but super sensitive inside, just like the decadent crème brulee. This fancy dessert best compliments the unpredictable Cancerian soul.

Leo. The rich peppermint chocolate fudge is something that everyone loves and this hard to miss treat is perfect for the attention seeking and generous Leos.

Virgo. Virgos are perfectionists and thoughtful, similar to the croquembouche, which only a skilled (Virgo) soul can pull up perfectly.

Libra. The classic sugar cookie suits the Libra personality perfectly as people under this zodiac sign are undeniably sweet, charming, and brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Scorpio. Scorpions are intense, inquisitive, and like to please everyone, much like the sweet sticky buns with lovely frosting.

Sagittarius. They are the life of any party and make people laugh effortlessly, much like the Christmas cracker that is too much fun and provides a good laughter. Yes, Christmas crackers are not edible, but they sure are a sweet holiday treat!

Capricorn. You are hardworking and ambitious souls who often work tirelessly day in and day out. And, without doubt, candy canes work hardest during this time of the year.

Aquarian. Aquarians are tough and hard workers who care less for others opinion regarding them, much like the peanut brittle, which is hard to create as it is.

Pisces. They are dreamers, sensitive, artsy, and are known to escape reality, much like the whimsical, intricate, and delicate meringues.