Eggs are the most important protein source in our meal as they are nutritionally very high in proteins and can be enjoyed in many different forms by people of all age groups. So, be it your breakfast preparation, bakery food, nice fish filet with crisp coating or sandwiches. Eggs can be enjoyed in many forms to meet up the daily nutritional requirements of micro and macro nutrients. Read on to know how to prepare the best version of eggs without compromising on the flavor and nutrition.

Many of our refrigerators are loaded with eggs as it is an essential kitchen item. Scrambled egg is one of the most preferred egg preparation that people enjoy all over the world. Some of us prefer to eat our scrambled eggs, runny, well done, creamy or with vegetables. In each case, scrambled egg requires a few more ingredients than the basic seasonings and butter.

Though, adding some grated cheddar or parmesan cheese, a sprinkle of fresh herbs such as basil, parsley, rosemary, cilantro, a few chopped vegetables, all perfectly compliments the scrambled egg preparation. It takes just one surprising ingredient to alter the taste of scrambled eggs to a whole new level. So, what is this surprising ingredient that can stir up a simple preparation of scrambled eggs in to a breakfast delicacy?

So, here we are revealing the secret to alter the flavor of the regular egg in just one simple step, that is add sodium to the egg preparation in a slightly different form. We recommend that you add a splash of soy sauce as seasoning instead of the regular salt or kosher salt that you add to the scrambled egg preparation. You must add soy sauce to the eggs and whisk them well so that the saltiness of the soy sauce is evenly dispersed through the eggs and you will not taste clumps of salt in your egg preparation.

People who eat gluten free meals can substitute soy sauce with tamari and use it similar to the way soy sauce is used. This genius technique was first clued by Shirley Chung the runner up of top chef season fourteen. In addition to the soy sauce, she seasoned the eggs with sesame oil and mirin.

This technique was again used by blogger Joy Wilson enforcing the use of soy sauce instead of salt as the salt tends to sink at the bottom when the scrambled egg is prepared and results in bits of salty clumps. In addition, she added a pat of butter and squeezed a lime to the scrambled eggs giving it a nice flavorsome kick.