Why The Order You Add Your Cake Ingredients Before Baking Actually Matters

There are some kitchen rules that stand even though many don't know why. A good example is the order in which you add your cake ingredients. But why does this really matter? Keep reading to find out.

By Cookist

One of the main rules of baking a cake has always been to start a cake mix with dry ingredients. Then, add in the butter, and end  things with wet ingredients.

Many never question this however according to @BenjaminTheBaker on Instagram, there is a very good reason why you are encouraged to do that and the effect of adhering to this rule can be observed in the finished product of your cake.

According to Benjamin, the order in which you mix your ingredients determines the way in which your cake gets baked, and the method has a name — the “reverse creaming method.”

Benjamin stated on Instagram that this baking tip is his preferred method for baking layered cakes, because it gives a soft and velvety texture, and also prevents gluten from forming.


On the other hand, the “creaming method” involves mixing the butter and sugar first, followed by the wet, and afterward the dry ingredient.

Using this method in the initial steps traps more air, making this the perfect solution for those who like tall fluffy cakes.

And there you have it, the real and very useful reason behind the baking rule that has been in existence for years. Try it out!

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