This is the perfect read for those who love food and believe in the benefits of astrological predictions!

Many times, we indulge in some casual snacking and just pick up some random stuff lying around while binge watching our favorite Netflix series. This indecisive eating may be pleasing for some, yet at times it is difficult to find the perfect thing to hit the spot.

Here is a list of snacks based on your astrological signs that you may seek to cater to the midnight mindless eating.

Peanut brittle for Capricorn. This combination of crystallized sugar with nuts is the perfect old school treat for the unique Capricornian soul.

Carob chocolate for Aquarius. You are a bit quiet and reserved yet extremely idealistic and mindful. Carob chocolate is perfect for your alternative lifestyle.

Popcorn for Aries. You are a determined soul and do not have time for complicated cooking. So, popcorn is the perfect quick and delicious late night snack for you.

PB and J for Taurus. You are driven by pleasure yet are quite practical in nature. So, a filling midnight snack of jam and nut butter will do the trick for you.

Fruit roll up for Gemini. You need something to always keep you busy and because you practically dwell on nostalgia, fruit roll ups are the perfect kind to make you happy.

Cheese tray for Cancer. You like variety and cheese offers many options. So, get creative and cut some amazing cheese variations in to delightful shapes to accompany you.

Nachos for Leo. You like to get great rewards for the least amount of work. So, nachos topped with veggies (if possible) and cheese is the perfect midnight snack to fill your large appetite.

Nuts for Virgo. You are a very sensible and no-nonsense kind of person. So, a handful of nuts or trail mix is a wonderful late night snack for you.

Pork rind for Pisces. These airy, oily, and delicious treats are perfect to make the wise Piscean soul very happy.

Pizza for Libra. Pizza is everyone’s favorite and because you care for your friends too much, a cheese pizza is a perfect treat that you would like to share with your friends.

Wasabi pea for Scorpio. You are a complicated soul and the crunchy and spicy wasabi pea will have you grabbing for more even though you’d be trying to counter the heat.

Rice crispy treats for Sagittarius. You like to keep things simple yet try to please everyone with some diplomacy. Rice crispy treats are universal favorites and make you happy and nostalgic at the same time.