People do many things for their loved ones. Right from making everlasting promises to gifting their love interest beautiful presents, there is no dearth of ways to express love for the people you care about. And, royals are no exception. Here is a read on one of the things charming Prince Harry had to do to woo his better half in to the holy matrimony!

With each royal wedding, a series of new happenings come in to limelight. Be it the way newlywed royals dress, move, socialize, or even eat, everything is researched and compared very closely. Following this trend, the royal couple of Harry and Meghan have also been closely noticed and it is now known that Meghan brought about a few changes in Prince Harry’s life ever since they got married.

While Meghan had to learn the ways of royal life right from scratch, the Prince only had to abide by the way his better half eats! In fact, he tweaked his eating habits even during the time these two royals started dating.

Ever since their wedding, news of Meghan to be shaking up things at the royal palace have started to emerge, and Prince Harry’s kitchen is not immune to it either. So, like every dutiful husband, Harry too accepted the new ways of eating.

Meghan is known to love cooking, explore new foods, and experiment with different flavors. Apart from this, Meghan is known to advocate healthy eating and has changed the way Harry used to eat. So, now this royal couple stuffs their fridge with hummus, green juice, chia seed pudding, almonds, and carrots. That’s not all, Meghan has made Harry swap the “not so healthy” beverages with plain mineral water.

Meghan is quite an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. Along with changing the eating habits of Prince Harry, she encouraged him to practice yoga regularly. Things people can actually do for love!