Read on to know, how to choose and drink tequila correctly.

Tequila is a very popular drink and Mexicans enjoy it in the best way possible. Read on to know how to select and enjoy the tequila correctly to enjoy the best tequila drinking experience.

The Mexicans actually celebrate this drink and savor it in the best way possible. In fact, the tequila which is sold outside of Mexico is not even as good as the ones sold there. So, the first step to enjoying the best tequila is to source it from its native country itself.

To choose a good quality tequila you must always pick the one which is 100% agave as the ones containing non-agave ingredients are of low quality and leads to a bad tequila hangover. You must insist on buying the ones which are made from 100% agave as even the ones which are labeled “blue agave” are not as good. Secondly, it is important to pick the oldest bottle of tequila, which you can afford, to enjoy its taste in the best form.

Just like a good quality whiskey, tequila improves with age, as it becomes more mellow and drinkable with time. The Blanco tequila is an un-aged tequila that has been aged very recently, Joven is also a recently made tequila which is often gold in color, Reposado is aged for more than 2 months but less than a year, Anejo is aged between 1 to 3 years, and extra Anejo has been aged for more than 3 years.

Good tequila is actually sipped and not slugged down at once, and this is exactly the way Mexicans drink it. Mexicans normally enjoy their 100% agave tequila filled in a shot glass and then by taking small sips of it. You can also have some lime and salt after every sip or two if you feel like.