1. Dried fruit

If it’s fruit, then how can it be bad for us? In fact, many of us think that it’s a perfect on-the-go snack. Unfortunately, dried fruit is not so healthy as you might think. Because the fruit is dried, the sugar content is much higher. And a handful of dried apricots won’t be as satisfying as a handful of fresh ones, so you end up eating more and consuming more sugar as well. Some dried fruits like banana chips are even fried, which means it’s not much better than a potato chip!

2. Coconut oil

Walk into any health store and you will find a variety of coconut oils. There are many reported health benefits of coconut oil, some of which include: raising your good (HDL) cholesterol, controlling your blood sugar, and even dental health. But coconut oil is made up of about 80% saturated fat, and its exact effect on cholesterol remains questionable. You’re better off using olive oil for its proven heart-healthy properties.

3. Fruit yoghurt and granola

Even though yoghurt is rich in calcium, the fruit and flavored versions often have more than 3 tsp of sugar added. Rather opt for natural yoghurt and add your own fruit pieces.

Granola may look like a health food with all those nuts and seeds, but it’s often laden with sugar. Why not make your own by toasting nuts and oats in the oven, and adding a dash of honey?

4. Vegetable chips (or crisps)

We hear the word vegetable and automatically think it’s good for us. But how healthy is it really? Nutritionists say that just because it’s made from vegetables does not make it healthy. Many veggie chips have added sugars, fats, and salt, which not only means they can be high in calories, but they are high in sodium too.

5. Nut butters

Nut butters are extremely popular these days. We eat them with toast, pita bread, and even put it in our smoothies. But can we get too much of a good thing? According to health experts, nuts are good for us, but they are also high in fat. Even though these are the healthy fats, they can add up in your daily kilojoule intake!

Things to remember…

No matter how healthy a snack is, balance is key. If you eat too many fruits on one day, that will also be bad for your diet. Follow a balanced diet, with lots of fruits, veggies, grains, and healthy fats. And keep snacks to a minimum!