Cucumbers are loaded with essential nutrients, certain plant compounds, and antioxidants. That is what makes them beneficial to the health of your organs, the prevention, and treatment of some conditions and weight loss.

Below, are six reasons that will convince you to incorporate cucumbers into your diet:

1. It Keeps You Hydrated

Water is beneficial to your wellbeing. Drink lots of water to kickstart your metabolism and better the health of your digestive gut. Cucumbers are 96% water, which makes them especially effective at promoting hydration.

2. It Can Reduce Your Blood Sugar

Cucumbers are highly recommended for people with diabetes. Many studies have reported that eating cucumber and its rind help lower blood sugar levels and prevent some complications of diabetes in animals.

However, more research is needed to ascertain if it has similar effects in humans.

3. It Contains Numerous Vitamins And Minerals

Cucumbers are low in calories but instead are a powerhouse of nutrients. One 11-ounce cucumber eaten raw will provide 2g of fiber, 0g of fat, 11g of carbs, and 2g of proteins. It also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Magnesium, Manganese, and Potassium.

To get the optimum benefits from cucumbers, make sure to eat them unpeeled.

4. It Can Strengthen Your Gut

Regular consumption of cucumbers can help support regular bowel movements. This is attested to the fact that the fruit contains a high amount of water and fiber, which are vital to metabolism and softening and adding bulk to stool.

Cucumbers especially contain pectin, a type of soluble fiber that can help increase bowel movement while strengthening the intestinal flora.

5. It Contains Antioxidants

Get your needed dosage of antioxidants, especially flavonoids and tannin, by eating cucumbers. These antioxidants are crucial because they prevent oxidation, creating highly reactive atoms with unpaired electrons known as free radicals.

These free radicals are harmful to human health as they are mainly known to lead to various chronic illnesses.

6. It May Aid in Weight Loss

Eating cucumbers can help you lose weight — they contain zero fat and only 45 calories! Their high water and fiber content also make them filling and an easy way to curb hunger.

On a final note, the ease with which you can obtain cucumbers makes it very easy to incorporate them into your diet. You can eat them whole and raw, diced alongside other fruits, or use them as a topping on your favorite drinks and meals.