These ‘Illegal’ Potato Chip Flavors Allow You To Taste Foods Banned In The U.S.

MSCHF, a New York-based art collective that works hard to tout the ordinary, are back at it again with the launch of ultra-limited edition flavors of Illegal Chips. The said flavors mimic the taste profile of three different foods that are not allowed in the United States by the government. These chips are far from the ordinary but might just be what you need.

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MSCHF are known for over-the-top ventures like putting an actual pizza inside a skateboard deck and collaborating with Lil Nas X on the now-infamous "Satan" shoes.

But not even that prepared us for their newest product, "Illegal Chips," that manages to replicate the flavors of foods that the U.S. government has long prohibited. This includes horse meat, Italy's Casu Marzu "maggot cheese," and fugu, the potentially poisonous pufferfish that is (carefully) served as sashimi, primarily in Japan.

In a recent interview, Daniel Greenberg, MSCHF's Chief Revenue Officer, said:

"We selected flavors that could complement each other: surf and turf and dairy, essentially. We did consider plenty of other foods."

Like most of MSCHF's products, the chips are accompanied by a cheeky humorous "Manifesto" that highlights the seemingly arbitrary notion of deeming some food "illegal," while suggesting that advancement in food science (and artificial flavors) could allow us to "taste" pretty much anything we want without participating in the often taboo act of, you know, actually eating it.



"Horse in particular highlights the arbitrary nature of food prohibitions. All of our international contacts were surprised by this flavor, because it is a not-uncommon meat in most parts of the world. Here, however, it's perhaps the flavor people react to most strongly."

Greenberg also shared that the chips have been in the works for over a year now because it is not their typical territory and is highly regulated. He also discloses that they also encountered supply chain challenges due to their unorthodox chip seasonings.

But, albeit unusual, we can't help but admit that the efforts are indeed laudable. Will you be trying the "Illegal Chips"?

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