The Royals never fail to fascinate us with their antics! From Prince Charles aversion for lunch to Meghan Markle’s fondness for acai bowls, the royal family has some really unique fetish that can surprise everyone. We all know how driven the Queen is regarding a healthy way of living. She relishes a serving or two of gin as much as she loves to eat healthy, particularly the fruits. Read on to know her unique way of eating the bananas and the reason behind it!

We expect everything exclusive and extraordinary from the royal family! Right from the way they dress, to their meals, to the way they travel… everything has to be unique and over the top, not in a garish way of course.

We all know that her majesty is very health conscious and believes in eating nutritious and healthy meals. This brings us to the way Queen Elizabeth enjoys the fruits. Well, all fruits are served to her on a platter and she enjoys this powerhouse of nutrients with a knife and a fork. Yes, she eats all the kinds of fruits with the cutlery, including the humble banana!

Her Highness uses cutlery to eat a banana so that she does not wish to “look like a monkey” while eating it. Such a curious thing to know, right?! So, as the banana is served to the queen, she cuts off the top and bottom part of the banana fruit. After this, she slices the fruit lengthwise through the skin so that the skin can be easily removed. This is then followed by chopping the fruit in to small bite size pieces, which she eats using a fork.

Just so you know, even we commoners don’t eat bananas like monkeys, as the monkeys hold banana by the stem and begin eating it from what we consider as the bottom of the fruit. So, the simians eat exactly opposite to the way humans eat a banana.

The queen is not very fond of eating starchy foods and has a “no starch” policy for the lavish state dinners where none of the rice, potatoes or pasta is served. She instead prefers a simple and light meal of grilled vegetables and fish.

However, bananas are not too starchy and can be sometimes eaten by her highness, but only with the right cutlery!