Here’s What Queen Elizabeth’s Breakfast Table Looks Like Every Day

The British monarch is known to follow a routine when it comes to how she likes her breakfast. But, despite her status, the meals aren't much different from the average breakfast except for a quirky option here and there. Read on, and you'll find that recreating the Queen's breakfast spread is easy to do!

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Aside from being one of the most popular monarchs, Queen Elizabeth is widely praised for longevity. To date, this makes many people curious about her daily habits and, most importantly, meals, which may be linked to her good health.

Well, you'd be surprised to find that it isn't that much different from the typical English breakfast.

According to royal biographer Katie Nicholl, anyone can easily recreate the Queen's favourite breakfast in their own home. Nicholl says the 95-year-old royal kick starts her day with a simple cup of tea and biscuits.


The simple platter is followed by a bowl of cereal that the Queen requires served from Tupperware, much like the average person.

Fun Fact: the Queen believes the "superior" way to store Cornflakes is in a plastic storage box so that they remain until it's time to eat them.

If you've ever felt disturbed by your longing for a second round during breakfast, don't be! Even the Queen never misses that extra "marmalade on white toast and an extra cup of English Breakfast tea!"

Other important meals of the day for the monarch are lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. For lunch, the Queen first enjoys a light appetizer, usually a salad before the main course; her favourite items are fish and vegetables.


For afternoon tea:

"She [the Queen] religiously takes a break in the late afternoon every day for this. She enjoys a cucumber sandwich with the crusts cut off, a slice of fruit cake and a pot of Earl Grey tea."

As for her final meal of the day, HRH begins with a light starter and then the main course, with her favourite dish being lamb. For dessert, she indulges with a chocolate torte, which is just enough to satisfy her sweet tooth." Phew

One thing's for sure; the Queen eats just like the legendary royal that she is!

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