A peep into Queen Elizabeth's daily diet shed light on the shocking fact that she never jokes about her alcohol. Every day, she has four cocktails served at different times, somewhat like a cool refresher for every time of the day.

Midmorning, the Queen enjoys the potent combination of a glass of gin and Dubonnet on the rocks with a slice of lemon. If that isn't mind-blowing, then what is!?

For lunch, the famous monarch enjoys a delicious spread paired with a glass of wine, and according to her cousin, a dry martini.

Just before retiring for the day, the Queen has her final drink, a glass of fine Champagne. This habit is no mean feat, and it especially shows that the Queen can still handle her liquors really well — and still perform excellently well at her daily duties too!

If your friend told you they'd developed the habit of drinking four times each day, you'll undoubtedly start thinking of ways to help them curb it for fear of its detrimental impact on their health.

However, seeing how the Queen still manages to remain productive and, enjoy a long life, it may be time to start doing some research on the possible relationship between liquors and longevity.

Before thinking of emulating the Queen's drinking habit, don't forget that she has a healthy diet amongst many other healthy lifestyle habits that may help counteract the possible damages that can be incurred by drinking so much each day.

What you should learn from the Queen is that you should never stop trying to find what works best for you. Don't forget to enjoy yourself while you're at it too!