This Is The Proper Way To Keep Your Honey And Maple Syrup Fresh For Longer

Honey and maple syrup have a few things in common; the most important are their consistency as well as their sweet flavor. Furthermore, they are not everyday items and so typically remain for long periods compared to other food items. Without the proper storage methods, your honey and maple syrup will lose their qualities, rendering them unpalatable and causing you to discard them.

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We are promoters of sustainable living and that includes preventing/minimizing food wastage however way possible. Below, we discuss the best methods to keep honey and maple syrup fresh and longlasting.



Experts say that, unlike most food items, honey should not be kept in a refrigerator. That's because its thick consistency causes it to thicken or solidify in cold temperatures. In other words, you'll need to melt your honey if you refrigerate it.

Therefore, the proper storage method prevents contamination and is outside of a fridge. Keep the following tips in mind when storing your honey:

  • Keep the honey in an airtight container. You most likely won't need to transfer the honey after buying unless the container doesn't close tightly.
  • Honey should only be kept in a glass or plastic container, not metal, as it will oxidize.
  • Keep the honey in a cool, dark area — but not in a fridge!

According to The National Honey Board, honey will remain safe for consumption for many years, although it may lose its fresh aroma, flavor, or sweetness. However, if you start to notice that your honey has changed color or smells stale, discard it out of precaution.



Maple syrup is made from the xylem sap extracted from sugar, red or black maple trees. It is most commonly enjoyed as a topping for pancakes and other delicious pastries. Maple syrup is more expensive than honey, but it's indeed worth every penny. Here's how to keep yours fresh for longer:

  1. Keep it at room temperature. Just like honey, maple syrups shouldn't be refrigerated. However, this only applies when the jar of syrup hasn't been opened.
  2. If opened, store the syrup in the fridge. After opening your maple syrup, experts advise transferring it to a glass container or plastic bottle and then storing it in the fridge. This method lowers evaporation, making the syrup last for three to six months.
  3. You can freeze the syrup for long term storage. This applies when you have a huge jar of syrup; place it in the fridge to keep for longer than usual. If properly done, the syrup will remain fresh for 6 months or more.
  4. Keep the syrup in a glass jar. Glass is the recommended material for a syrup jar placed at room temperature. However, don't place a glass jar in the fridge after opening. Instead, transfer to a plastic bottle.
  5. Keep the syrup in a cool, dark area. If the syrup is yet to be opened, keep it in a cool space that is away from direct sunlight that can quicken evaporation. Your kitchen cupboards may be the ideal storage space for your syrup.


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