Following an alternative dietary habit, other than the traditional ones, has been believed to be a pretty cumbersome affair. Read on to know what all challenges and benefits one experiences upon following a vegan diet for a month.

People at many NGO’s and various celebrities have been promoting the vegan diet for quite some time now. It is indeed one of the nicest things to do for the environment that reciprocates to a healthy body and saves the environment. Here is what turning vegan leads to if continued for even a month.

It need not be expensive. The staples of the vegan diet such as vegetables, beans, fruits, rice, etc. are all cheap.

Eating vegan does not ensure a healthy diet. A variety of unhealthy and processed foods also come under the vegan category. So, choose your food carefully and concentrate on eating a majority of vegetables based meals.

Vegan diet need not be boring. A vegan diet is pretty diverse in terms of the available packaged foods options as most of the biscuits, pasta sauces, a few doughnuts, and cakes are vegan.

You will feel energized. Turning vegan restricts the amount of unhealthy snack you eat, right from the sweet treats to the savory oil dripping sausages. This reduces the feeling of being sluggish and lazy all through the day.

Improves skin significantly. With an abundance of healthy nutrients getting in to your system, your body will show an improvement in skin health and restores the glow.

You will have to be more vigilant in buying groceries. Somehow you will spend a little extra time at the grocery stores in the initial days as you will have to surf through all the sections first before selecting the items that suit your taste, requirements, and budget. Also, not many products available are labeled vegan, which increases the time and efforts in scanning them.

Cooking a vegan meal can be a bit challenging. You will have to frantically search for recipes in the initial days until you get the hang of vegan cooking. It’s a bit of struggle to seek the star of a dish when the meats are absent.

Eating out vegan will be another struggle. You will have to study the menu thoroughly before you order your meals. There might be a few restaurants available in your proximity, but it sure will help to have some more around.

Staying online helps. There are some brilliant websites that are of utmost help to the new vegans. Also, being a part of the community will ease out the initial road blocks.

You sleep peacefully. There is a tremendous sense of satisfaction when you know that you were able to contribute to save this planet and its creatures!