Trifle: the recipe for the English layered dessert

Total time: 40 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 4 people
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By Cookist
Sponge cake
100 grams
400 grams
Icing sugar
60 grams (½ cup)
Custard cream
400 grams
Fresh liquid cream for desserts
150 grams (⅗ cup)

Trifle is a dessert typical of the English culinary tradition, a fresh layered preparation, delicious and very easy to make. The classic preparation includes a base of sponge cake, cut into cubes, and arranged in layers with custard cream, fruit and whipped cream, all assembled in a large glass bowl or in single-portion cups. The end result is a simple and scenographic dessert, very good to amaze your guests. The trifle syrup is usually alcoholic but it is possible to prepare it also with strawberry juice and sugar, so in this way you will create an analacolic syrup good also for children. Once ready, you can serve your trifle after lunch or dinner or enjoy it for an exquisite snack.

How to prepare trifle

Wash the strawberries, cut them into small pieces and put them in a bowl with the sugar. Cover with cling film and let macerate overnight, this will be the syrup for your dessert. Cut the sponge cake into cubes and set them aside. Now prepare half a dose of custard cream, and let it cool to room temperature. Whip the cream with 20 grams of icing sugar until it is firm. Starts to make the layers of the trifle, placing the sponge cake at the base of the 250 ml glasses, add the strawberries with their syrup, then add the custard cream and the whipped cream and proceed in layers, ending with the strawberries to garnish the cake. Your trifle is ready to be served.


You can also prepare the trifle one day in advance by keeping it in the refrigerator covered with cling film. In this case, however, add the last layer of cream just before serving.

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