Vodka Martini: the recipe for a quick and easy drink

Total time: 10 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 1 person
By Cookist
5.5 cl
dry vermouth
1.5 cl
Lemon zest
ice cubes

The Vodka Martini is an easy cocktail made with Vodka and dry Vermouth. It's a drink much loved by great writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Francis Scott Fitzgerald, but it owes its fame to James Bond as he often orders a shaken and unmixed Vodka Martini in the 007 series. It is a pre-dinner cocktail, ideal for an aperitif to serve with lemon zest, which gives aroma to the drink. Although it looks like a very simple cocktail to make, it requires a perfect balance between the ingredients. The alcohol content of Vodka Martini is high, so be careful with this cocktail. So let’s see how to make it.

How to make Vodka Martini

Put some ice cubes in the cup to cool it and then throw the ice away.

Mix the vodka and dry vermouth in a mixing glass with ice, and pour by filtering into the cup.

Crush the lemon zest on the surface of the cocktail and also use it to perfume the edges.


The Vodka Martini should be served with lemon zest and not with the olive, which is used to garnish the Martini Cocktail, also known as dry Martini and made with Vermouth and Gin.

Vodka Martini is ideal as an aperitif and goes perfectly with spicy or meat-based dishes, especially white meat like chicken, turkey and rabbit.

You can also enjoy the Vodka Martini as an after dinner, but remember that it has the alcohol content of pure vodka, so be careful.

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