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Want The Perfect Puff Pastry? Avoid These Six Common Mistakes

Whether you are a commercial baker or merely a foodie, there is nothing as satisfying as preparing puff pastries filled with chocolate or savory sauces. However, for such recipes getting the texture of your pastry to be just right is of utmost importance. Read on for six mistakes that people commonly make while making puff pastries, as well as what you should do instead.

By Cookist

Puff pastries are commonly incorporated into many baking recipes. The list of such meals can never be exhausted because you are allowed to individualize any of them!

From traditional creations like cinnamon rolls and donuts to the more unique recipes like vegetable rolls to fruit tarts, puff pastries always prove very helpful in the kitchen.

There are certain ways to pull off perfection when it comes to getting your puff pastry done just right. This includes the methods you use to thaw it, what kind you use and a few others that require special attention.

1. Trying to make it from scratch in a rush!


There are many puff pastry dough that can be easily gotten from grocery stores. These products afford you ease and are done just right so you don't have to worry about making any mistakes.

If you are in a hurry or want a quick meal, they are the best option as puff pastries require delicate steps and can never be hurriedly done.

2. Choosing the wrong puff pastry


If you are opting for a store-bought puff pastry, you must check the ingredients used to prepare it and its dietary benefits. This is because the pastry will have a significant effect on the resulting product you make.

For example, if things are going wrong with your baked goods, it might be because there's not enough butter in your puff pastry. A full-on butter puff pastry is the perfect recommendation if you are not concerned about any diet.

3. You're thawing your puff pastry in the wrong way


The perfect way to store puff pastry is in a freezer; this way, you can save its fresh quality, and it would last for very long. However, a big hurdle may arise when you want to thaw it as many commonly take it out to defrost at room temperature.

If you've been doing it this way, you should stop!

The best way to defrost puff pastry is by transferring it to a fridge where it should sit for at least a few hours or until it's perfect for cooking again.

If you leave it at room temperature for too long, the pastry will lose its texture and will be hard to work with. A quick remedy for when it gets too soft is letting it harden for half an hour in a fridge.

4. Leaving the pastry for too long before you start working on it


When your puff pastry has thawed enough, start work on it immediately! It is common to leave it to stay at room temperature for too long, which makes molding and the cooking process very difficult.

Even worse, the pastry may lose its freshness and original taste.

5. You're not freezing the puff pastry a little before baking


You may not know it yet, but freezing your puff pastry before cooking always gives the results. When cold, the butter melts very slowly, which helps maintain whatever shape you have molded into throughout the cooking process.

6. You don't vent the dough before cooking


If you are making a pastry that requires a delicious filling, then you need to help the steam escape when baking.

The trick to achieving this is pricking the unbaked puff pastry all over with a fork. This gives the end product a thin and crispy texture as it reduces the puff. This is, however, based on the pastry recipe.

With these six tips, you can only make perfect pastries now. Good luck!

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