Watch Out For These 7 Common Mistakes When Cooking Eggplants

Eggplants are some of the most delicious and versatile vegetables known to man. They can be incorporated into several filling meals and snacks. But do you belong to the population that always complains about the eggplants being so much trouble? Then you may be making one of the mistakes outlined below.

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Eggplants can be enjoyed in many ways; they are commonly used to make unique sauces, authentic pasta dishes and can even be eaten roasted with a sprinkling of your favorite condiments.

There are, however, a few mistakes that may cause cooking eggplants a very frustrating chore. They are so simple that they are easily ignored, so consider this your private cheatsheet to cooking eggplants perfectly every time!

1. You Didn't Keep The Eggplants Spaced Out


Avoid crowding when setting your eggplants in the baking pan; this lets them cook quickly and thoroughly. Always make sure they are arranged in a single layer, with just enough space that will facilitate the evaporation of their water content and, ultimately, caramelization.

Halfway through the time of cooking , check and turn them over, so that they are fully cooked.

2. You Didn't Brine The Eggplants


Make your eggplants delicious by brining them in a flavorful brine solution; this not only improves the taste but also makes for great texture.

To prepare a brine solution, mix salt and your favorite condiments with water. Then soak each slice of eggplant in the solution for at least 30 minutes before cooking.

3. You Didn't Peel The Eggplants Before Cooking


An eggplant's skin is very tough, which may unnecessarily prolong cooking time and reduce the quality of taste. So, never forget to wash and cut adequately before starting to cook.

Experts suggest peeling and then sectioning the eggplant into cubes to aid thorough cooking. At the very least, you must slice the eggplant into two and then cube its content while retaining the skin.

4. You Forgot To Salt It Before Cooking


Eggplants have high water content, and one of the things that you can do to reduce that is pre-salting and letting them sit for a while before cooking.

After about an hour, pat the eggplants dry and then cook.

5. You Used Excess Oil


Eggplants are commonly likened to sponges because they quickly absorb moisture, and that includes oils. To avoid getting your meal distastefully oily, apply just the right amount of oil and spices.

Instead of drizzling the oil over the vegetables, it is recommended that use a brush to dab them with it. If you're frying, use only a teaspoon or two of sizzling oil.

6. You Added Too Many Ingredients


When it comes to cooking eggplants, remember the famous saying that "less is more." Understandably, you want to make them as delicious as possible; however, such condiments may overshadow the original flavor of the eggplants.

Instead, you can consider incorporating the spices in a sauce to accompany the eggplants.

7. You Chose The Wrong Eggplant


When shopping for eggplants, keep an eye out for the type they are as well as their quality. Avoid aged, rot, or wrinkly eggplants; using top-notch ingredients will make for optimum enjoyment! The perfect eggplant is heavy and feels firm to touch.

On a final note, not letting an eggplant cook thoroughly before serving it is perhaps the worst mistake of all. Thankfully, all eggplants are perfect for quick cooking; they take at most 25 minutes to cook. This may be altered by the size and type of eggplant you're cooking.

A fully cooked eggplant is shrunk, browned, aromatic, and is very soft on the inside. Yum!

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