Many nutritionists believe in the power of the constitution of a human body. According to them, if someone is fed in compliance with his or her blood type, the person is more likely to respond better to the dietary intake. So, read on to know what you should eat as suggested by the Blood type diet.

The Blood type diet is one which links three vital elements of the human body: blood type, food, and health. This diet guides you to eat foods that are most compatible with your blood type to avert various physiological problems.

Here is what you should be eating, based on your blood type.

Type A. People with type A blood must eat mostly vegetarian meals because according to the evolutionary scale, type A blood is related to the early man. The early man during this time was trying to settle in, leading an agrarian lifestyle, and eating plant based foods. In today’s time, type A people are predisposed to diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, and they can minimize the risk of getting these problems by eating fresh, organic, and pure vegetarian meals. This group should also avoid all kind of meats, poultry, egg, dairy, and limit the amount of fish intake.

Type B. People in this blood type are well positioned as they can eat a balance of both animal and plant based foods. They have a fairly malleable diet and should make the best use of it. However, they should avoid eating corn, buckwheat, tomatoes, wheat, lentils, sesame seeds, and peanuts.

Type O. The ones in this group loves intense work out and can easily digest meat because of the high acid content in the stomach. So, a high quality animal protein works best for them. People in this group should avoid dairy, grains, nightshade and brassica vegetables, beans, and legumes. However, they can enjoy alkaline fruits, such as berries and plums along with various other meats, fish, and poultry products.

Type AB. This is a rare blood group as it shares the challenges and benefits of both A and B blood types. It is also newest among all the other blood types. This blood type typically has lower stomach acid and adapts well to meats, but this contradiction affects the efficiency to metabolize the meat, which tends to get stored as fat in people with AB blood group. This blood type must avoid consuming alcohol in stressful situations, caffeine, smoked and cured meats, shellfish, chicken, and corn. They should also eat smaller and frequent meals.