Some people consider lukewarm water and lemon a kind of internal shower that we can offer to our organism every morning. Just as we wash the outside of our body, according to natural medicine we should also be careful to keep the inside of the body clean using, for example, hot water and fresh lemon juice.

The benefits of water and lemon are many; this drink cleanses the liver, improves digestion and helps intestinal regularity (both in the case of constipation and diarrhea).

Many advantages are also highlighted on the level of energy of the person as well as on the health of the skin, due to the detoxifying effect that ensures the drink if taken regularly for a certain period.

The combination of lukewarm water and lemon is then able to remineralize the body and help the immune defense system to keep away viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms both by strengthening it and carrying out a disinfecting action.


Water and lemon in the morning allows you to solve a possible problem of halitosis, given the refreshing power of lemon, and it also contributes to the proper hydration of the body and it also stimulates the metabolism, promoting weight loss (it is indeed a natural remedy that is often associated to a diet and physical activity within a personalized weight loss plan).

According to natural medicine, hot water and lemon is an effective remedy to regulate the body's pH especially in case of acidosis. Despite being initially acidic, once metabolized within our body, the lemon turns into a fruit with an alkalizing power.