Read on to know about 7 healthy drinks, besides water, to kick start your day.

Many times, we have been told to drink plenty of water to hydrate ourselves well and flush out all the toxins. Here is a list of 7 healthy morning beverages, apart from water, that can both quench the thirst and nourish us well.

Lemon water

 This vitamin C rich beverage is one of the oldest refreshing beverage that is both healthy and revitalizing.

Coconut water


This all-natural beverage is refreshing and also helps to improve metabolism. Coconut water is really easy on the stomach and can be easily digested by our body.

Vegetable juice

A freshly made glass of vegetable juice using carrots, beetroot, and plenty of greens such as spinach can be considered as the healthiest beverage, without a doubt.

Ginger tea


Warm ginger tea benefits our health by calming the minor irregularities in the tummy and treating nausea.

Orange juice

What better way to kick starts the morning by consuming a super healthy glass of orange juice to fix our daily vitamin C requirements.

Wheatgrass juice

Prepare wheatgrass juice with some aloe vera gel and amla juice to improve the bowel health and enhance metabolism.

A healthy smoothie

Any type of smoothie that is prepared using fresh ingredients, particularly fresh fruits, is highly beneficial for our health. Top it with some flax or chia seeds to improve its health quotient.