Drink two liters of water a day. This is a very common recommendation to stay healthy and ensure well-being. But do we really know why hydration is so important? In truth, the amount of water to be taken each day can vary depending on many factors, such as the state of health, physical activity and the place where you live.

Here are 10 important reasons to drink more and pay attention to the body's hydration.

1) Drinking two liters a day of water can help to lose weight

Drinking water helps regulate appetite stimulation and foster a sense of satiety. Drinking more allows you to keep away the sense of hunger – especially if you tend to eat a lot out of the meal – and to reduce too large portions of food. Dehydration makes it more difficult for the body to metabolize fats, which is why those who want to lose weight but tend not to drink too much may have difficulty losing weight.

2) Drinking two liters of water a day stimulate the metabolism

Drinking more water helps to stimulate the metabolism and burn more calories. According to some research, drinking half a liter of water in just 30-40 minutes can increase the rate at which our organism burns calories up to 30%. Drinking water regularly may help keep your metabolism active throughout the day.

3) Drinking two liters of water a day is good to work out better

Water feeds energy to muscles. This is why we recommend drinking before work out or starting a physical activity. Taking the opportunity of training to drink more water is a beneficial habit as it can help reduce the risk of cramps, fatigue and sprains. Also, those who sweat have to drink more to compensate for the loss of fluids. The amount of water to be taken after workouts also depends on their duration and dispersed fluids. Learn to listen to your body to better regulate yourself.

4) Drinking two liters of water a day makes our skin more beautiful


Drinking two liters of water a day allows you to donate to our body the necessary hydration. According to recent research, drinking water helps fight dry skin and allows the body to better eliminate acculumated toxins and bacteria. Preventive hydration improves the appearance of the skin and especially gives the face a younger appearance.

5) Drinking two liters of water a day helps preventing a headache

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Dehydration is one of the most common causes of headaches. Maintaining a regular supply of water and liquids could therefore help to prevent many cases of headaches, even those due to fatigue. It is good not to underestimate the needs of our organism and go in search of what could be the causes of the headache to intervene directly on them.

6) Drinking two liters of water a day improve concentration

A glass of water is enough to improve concentration. Drinking a glass of water before taking a test or a working task allows the brain to recharge and improve our cognitive skills, making it more focused and attentive. Drinking a glass of water would satisfy the needs of hydration of the brain, often underestimated. This is confirmed by a study conducted by researchers at the University of East London and published in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Journal.

7) Drinking two liters of water a day strengthen the immune system

Drinking water helps our body to defend itself against colds and seasonal illnesses and to prevent the accumulation of salts in the kidneys, which could cause the formation of stones. Water maintains proper blood density to avoid cardiovascular complications and it is also useful for bones to keep them fit and to prevent arthritis.

8) Drinking two liters of water a day helps us to purify ourselves and digest better

Water helps our body to eliminate toxins and waste materials that accumulate during the day. This is combined with the regular action of the intestine, which allows us to expel unwanted substances. Regular intestinal movements are essential for a proper digestion. Drinking more could help alleviate constipation problems.

9) Drinking two liters of water a day increase energy

Proper hydration allows our body to work to its full potential. A higher level of energy allows you to experience the feeling of tiredness much less. Feeling more energetic also means banning laziness. This creates a positive chain effect, so a simple glass of water could make you feel stronger and fitter than a cup of coffee.

10) Drinking two liters of water a day makes us feel happier

Here is an effect of hydration that maybe you did not know. Water encourages the flow of nutrients and hormones into our bodies. This may allow a better release of endorphins, substances linked to happiness and good humor. The body will feel better and as a result the mind will be more serene and even the physical appearance will improve.