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Why You Should Start Your Morning with Ginger

However you choose to add ginger to your breakfast, here are some ways to get the health benefits of ginger into your morning food and drink.

By Cookist

Ever thought about adding ginger to your breakfast menu? Ginger has many health benefits, and can easily be added to any meal.

You can hide the hot kick of ginger with butter, or let the unique flavor and heat help you get ready to face the day. However you choose to add ginger to your breakfast, here are some ways to get the health benefits of ginger into your morning food and drink.

1. Ginger coffee for antioxidants

Ginger and coffee are a great antioxidant combo to fight free radicals. Add up to 1 teaspoon of ground ginger to your coffee, or try making qishr – a popular drink in the Middle East that can also aid digestion.

2. Ginger tea for an upset stomach


Ginger tea is a warming drink for cold winter mornings, and in may help soothe an upset stomach. A cup of ginger tea can help relieve nausea, motion sickness, or morning sickness in pregnant women.

Make your own ginger tea by grating ginger root and leaving it to steep in boiling water for 10 minutes. Add sugar to taste.

3. Ginger jam and biscuits

Ginger jam is delicious spread on biscuits or toast, and if you are a PB&J fan, try peanut butter with some ginger jam!

For those who are on a low-sugar diet, try mincing the ginger and mixing it through your butter for a wonderful change. This is also great for adding to butter coffee.

4. Swap maple syrup for ginger syrup


You can buy ginger syrup, or even make your own for a different taste on your pancakes, oatmeal, waffles, and baked goods.

To make ginger syrup:

¼ pound peeled and thinly sliced ginger 1 cup sugar 1 cup water

Boil the ingredients gently for 30 minutes, and strain the mixture through a sieve or strainer for a smooth syrup.

5. Ginger granola bowl

You’ve got to give ginger granola a try! Grate 1 inch of ginger and mix with honey or melted coconut oil. Drizzle over your granola, and enjoy. Adding ginger to your breakfast bowl gives you anti-inflammatory benefits, especially if you have rheumatoid arthritis.

6. Ginger juice smoothies


Ginger juice is used in cooking stir-fries and in salad dressings, but it makes a great addition to a smoothie or post-workout drink.

The health benefits of ginger juice include fighting bacteria and giving the metabolism a boost, as well as relieving menstrual cramps and post-exercise muscle soreness.

7. Get some on-the-go energy

If you don’t have time for breakfast, get some ginger energy bites or a turmeric and ginger Larabar for a healthy breakfast on the run.

8. Add ginger to your breakfast pastries


Why not try making these lemon-ginger pre-workout breakfast cookies from Vega? Ginger is great to help heal those post-workout muscle aches and strains.

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