Why Is Pizza Round?

Pizza is round, but it always comes in a square-shaped box. Many lovers of the food have wondered why this is for many years without answers but we're here to change to that.

By Cookist

Why is pizza round? When you ask Google this question, it loads up dozens of results, some claiming pizzas can also be square or rectangular.

However, we all know that the majority of the pizzerias in the USA make round pizzas. Before we consider why, let's solve the puzzle of why they come in square boxes first.

Why Does Round Pizza Come In Square Boxes?

The answer to this is actually quite straightforward. Square boxes are more common because they are easier and less expensive to produce. This is because they are assembled from one sheet of cardboard.

They're also easy to construct on-site and can be easily stacked and stored in corners or in the freezer aisle.


Here’s Why Pizza Is Round

There are a few reasons that make Pizza’s roundness a perfectly logical thing.

It makes for even cooking and easy cutting:

The round shape of pizzas makes it easier to cook them evenly compared to if they have a more angular shape. It also makes it easier for the pizza to be quickly divided using a small amount of swipes with a round pizza cutter.

Less time consuming

A pizza maker stretches out a lump of dough by tossing it in the air and using circular motions to elongate the shape. This gives it a circular shape and using this shape takes less effort than reshaping it which leads to faster production.



Pizza comes in square boxes because they are less costly round produce, and they are usually round to save time and ensure even cooking. However, regardless of what shape it looks like or what sort of box it arrives in, pizza is pizza, and it will always be loved.

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