Increase your knowledge by knowing why you see most of the fast food logos in the tone of red and yellow. And, read on to know about the reason why our sight very often lands on the food brands with this color tone only. It is actually associated with the human psychology!

The flashy and bright color tones used by the fast food chains instantly grab your attention, even when you are just a tad bit hungry. In fact, these color tones subconsciously attract you so much that you end up noticing their presence even while on the run.

All the famous fast food chains grab the attention of their customers (existing and probable) by using color psychology, in which a mix of attractive color tones is used to create a logo of the food brand. And, a majority of the leading food brands have a striking similarity in the color tone used i.e., yellow and red, for obvious reasons.

As per the color psychology, color yellow has been associated for long with the feeling of happiness, contentment, comfort, and competence. So, each time you pass by the food brand logo, you will feel a sense of friendliness and nostalgia. As for red, it is quite often paired with the shades of yellow to instill the feeling of desire, love, and power in the customers.

Marketing geniuses refer to this color pair of red and yellow as the “ketchup and mustard theory”. This color combination subconsciously drives us to bite in to something appealing as these colors represent warmth and a feeling of satisfaction, something we experience when eating with our friends.

In fact, green and yellow is another set of color that is quite popular among the food companies, particularly the ones which are in to healthy foods. Remember the likes of the subway, whole foods, and Starbucks, all of these brands play with this color tones.

Without a doubt, the marketing team has to connect with people at the emotional level for them to be able to sell their product successfully. In an endeavor to create that human touch, they tap on the hopes, aspirations, and insecurities of people, and thus succeed in touching their subconscious mind. In achieving this, these shades of color are a significant driving force to mold the human response and behavior.

Thus, it is quite clear that colors do have an effect on human psychology and each color has the power to influence the decision we make regarding our food choices.