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Why settle for a plain Birthday cake when you can have this crazy cool cake?

Prepare a sponge cake and then use you imagination and decorate it.

By Cookist

Not simple and normale cake, but beautiful decorations that everyone will adore.

To make them you'll just prepare a vanilla, cocoa sponge cake and then decorate it with butter cream.

Ingredients: Sponge cake: 220 gr butter, 220 gr sugar, 220 gr flour, 4 eggs, baking powder, vanilla or cocoa powder.



1) Place softened butter, sugar and vanilla in a bowl

2) Mount until a homogeneous and smooth mixture is obtained.

3) Add the eggs, one at a time and let them absorb before adding the next egg to the mixture.

4) Add the flour sifted with baking powder and whisk at a low speed for a few seconds until the mixture is clear and thick.

5) Transfer the dough into a mold covered with parchment paper, previously buttered, level with a spatula and

6) Bake at 3560°F (180°)  for about 25 minutes.

7) When the sponge cake has a golden surface, take the toothpick test and leave the cake in the oven switched off for a few minutes.

8) You can use it as a base for the cake you want to prepare.

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