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Why You Shouldn’t Use Tea Bags

Tea bags may be convenient, but they come with several drawbacks, including lower quality tea, limited variety, and environmental concerns. Additionally, many tea bags contain harmful chemicals like epichlorohydrin and chlorine bleach that can leach into your tea. Opting for loose leaf tea offers better quality, more flavor options, and fewer health risks, making it a superior choice for tea enthusiasts.

By Cookist

Tea is one of the most popular beverages around the world, cherished for its taste, aroma, and potential health benefits. However, not all tea-drinking methods are created equal. While tea bags offer convenience, there are several compelling reasons why you might want to reconsider their use.

Lower Quality

Tea bags often contain what are known as "tea dust" or "fannings," which are essentially the leftovers from higher-grade loose leaf tea. These smaller particles can result in a less flavorful and less aromatic cup of tea compared to loose leaf varieties.

Limited Variety

When you rely solely on tea bags, you often limit yourself to a restricted range of flavors. Loose leaf teas offer an extensive variety, allowing you to explore exotic blends and seasonal offerings that you can't find in bagged form.

Environmental Concerns

Many tea bags contain plastic particles, either in the bag itself or in the sealing process, which is not only bad for the environment but could also release microplastics into your cup. Opting for loose leaf tea ensures that you are not contributing to plastic pollution and are also avoiding potential health risks.

Restricted Infusion

Tea bags constrict the tea leaves, limiting their ability to expand fully during the brewing process. This prevents the full range of flavors and aromas from being extracted, resulting in a less satisfying cup of tea.


Chemical Exposure

Paper tea bags are often treated with epichlorohydrin, a compound also found in pesticides and known to cause cancer in animals. Unfortunately, it becomes active when in contact with hot water! If your tea bags are noticeably white, chances are they've also been bleached with chlorine!

Some tea bags are bleached or treated with other chemicals to give them a pristine appearance. These chemicals could potentially leach into your tea during the brewing process, causing health concerns.


While the upfront cost of loose leaf tea may seem higher, the price per cup often turns out to be less expensive than bagged tea, especially when you consider that loose leaf tea can often be re-steeped for multiple cups.

While tea bags offer convenience, the benefits of switching to loose leaf tea far outweigh the drawbacks. Loose leaf tea provides better quality, more variety, and less environmental impact, making it the superior choice for any tea enthusiast.

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