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Yes, you read it right! You can actually rent a cottage in France that is made entirely out of chocolate. If you are a chocoholic, this place may be just right for your dream vacation. The cottage, in Sevres, France, can accommodate up to four guests.

The Chocolate Cottage was made from 1.5 tons of chocolate, and was designed by chocolatier and sculptor Jean-Luc Decluzeau. Amazingly, all the chocolate in the house is edible, and if that’s not enough, a stay at the Chocolate Cottage comes complete with a chocolate-making workshop. is responsible for making chocolate-lover’s dreams come true, and they shared this statement:

“Designed and manufactured by Jean-Luc Decluzeau, the renowned artisan chocolatier who specializes in chocolate sculptures, this unique, 18-square-meter chocolate cottage will be crafted out of approximately 1.5 tons of chocolate.”

Jean-Luc-Decluzeau said “I never thought I’d have the opportunity to build a life-size Chocolate Cottage for travelers to sleep in! I’m excited to collaborate with and to share my passion for chocolate. I hope guests will relish the chance to experience such a sweet and unique place to stay.”

The cottage comes with chocolate walls, roof, fireplace, dresser, clock, cups, books and a luxurious chocolate chandelier. If you tire of eating the fixtures and fittings inside, you’ll find a white chocolate duck pond outdoors, along with a chocolate flower bed.

Chocolate Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

The famous chocolate river in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory was created for filming in 1971, and was made of 15,000 gallons of water mixed with chocolate and cream. The cream made the river spoil pretty quickly, and the cast weren’t happy with the awful smell. The Mayans used the cocoa bean as a currency, as it was thought of as worth more than gold dust.

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Because of this, cultivation of cocoa beans was restricted to stop the value of the beans going down. Chocolate can kill you if you eat too much. It contains high levels of the stimulant theobromine, which can cause heart failure, seizures, acute kidney damage and dehydration. Don’t worry, though – you’d have to eat 22lb of chocolate or 40 bars of Dairy Milk to reach fatal amounts! Chocolate covered potato crisps were a thing. For a limited time, Lay’s (Walkers in the UK) sold potato crisps dipped in a layer of milk chocolate.