The coronavirus pandemic is like most people have never seen, and coming to terms with it has been a quite difficult journey for everyone.

The ongoing pandemic has birthed many changes in society. Now, people have to wear face masks outside their homes and maintain social distance to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

When it comes to the restaurant industry, business owners now have to prioritize the health and safety of customers who choose to dine in their halls.

Aside from only entertaining a few people at a time, business owners have to do health checks for customers and accordingly keep their workers fully protected.

These and many more have spurred some restaurants to add a "COVID Surcharge" to the bill of every customer that dines in. The charge costs just a few dollars, but it still takes customers by surprise.

Slightly shaken by having to pay such charges, some people took to social platforms to share pictures of the bills where the COVID surcharge is indeed indicated to be around $2.

Considering the many changes5 that these businesses have to put in place to keep their business running smoothly as well as the rise in food costs, the additional cost seems logical.

So, next time you dine out, don't be too surprised to find such extra charges on your bill.

Image Credits: Melissa Adan