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Here’s What May Have Happened When You Gained Weight Overnight!

Weight gain continues to be a frequent subject of discussion because it is associated with the common perception of beauty and health. If you have been keeping an eye on your weight, then you may have observed a weight gain so drastic that it only took one or two days to happen and even worse, it seemed unstoppable! Don't beat yourself up about it, check out five possible things that may have happened.

By Cookist

Have you been finding it hard to lose weight because the weight just always seems to make a surprise comeback every few days? Don't be discouraged!

Experts say that there are specific factors that can contribute to this sudden weight gain. Knowing these will help you understand your body better and also, help you optimize your weight loss plan.

1. You weighed yourself at different times of the day.

If you weigh yourself in the morning then at night, you'll likely notice that the value weighed in the morning is less than that at night.

The science behind this is that while you sleep all night long, a bunch of carbon atoms leave your body through breathing. Each carbon atom weighs nearly nothing, but they count for a lot since you expel an average of 10 billion trillion atoms during exhalation!

Another explanation is that you sweat more at night and thus lose a lot of water which, in turn, reduces your weight.


2. You ate a lot more than usual.

The process of digestion takes about 2 to 5 days; right from the moment, you swallow your food to the time when you expel it from your body in the form of feces. This means that if you ate a lot of food a few days ago, you might be seeing its effect a few days later in the form of more pounds on your scale.

3. You have been eating too much salt.

If you notice a few extra pounds when you measure your weight in the morning, then you may have been ingesting too much salt. This causes your body to retain a lot of water to even it out as the kidney works to maintain the proper ratio of electrolytes, such as sodium to potassium and sodium to water.


4. Your muscles are sore from a recent workout.

If you have been exercising to stay fit or actively participate in sports, then you'll need a higher source of energy to power your muscles, which causes your body to start to store glycogen. However, the glycogen needs to binds to water in a process that releases energy for your muscles to work. This extra water can cause you to gain extra pounds.

5. Your period is back.

During menstruation, numerous changes like hormonal fluctuations and bloating, will occur in your body. These and many more may cause you to gain some extra pounds. But don't be alarmed, they'll be gone soon after the bleeding stops.

There you have five primary reasons you may notice a sharp increase in your weight overnight. These are not particular to everyone since variation is the rule of the day when it comes to human anatomy.

However, you must try to cut yourself some slack whenever you notice a sharp weight gain. Don't be discouraged or blame your anatomy. Instead, work hard at eating healthy and incorporating healthy habits into your daily lifestyle.

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