Are you worried about gaining weight because you can't bear to skip any meal of the day? Experts say you don't have to as long as you moderate portions and they are low-carbs. However, dinner, especially when heavy, remains very problematic when it comes to weight gain. This is why we have compiled a list of foods that you should eat for dinner to avoid a sudden weight gain caused by eating late.

Health professionals advise that dinner is just as important as any meal of the day. However, it should be done appropriately, i.e., meals should be in reasonable portion sizes and eaten at least four hours before you retire to bed if you want to avoid weight gain, digestion problems and sleep disturbances.

Below are six food items that experts recommend for dinner because they are super-packed with health benefits even when eaten for dinner.

1. Turkey

If you'd prefer a filling meal for dinner, turkey is a healthy choice. This lean meat contains protein and tryptophan and even better, makes no trouble for your digestive system!

2. Hummus and vegetables

Hummus is made from chickpeas which means it is loaded with proteins as well as vitamin B6 which, subsequently, makes them crucial to the synthesis of serotonin. For a filling meal, pair the hummus with chopped vegetables like carrots, cucumber, or zucchini.

3. Corn

If you are having dinner late at night, boiled corn on the cob is a great choice. Corn has been found to help eliminate excess cholesterol from the body; juts remember not to add too much butter or salt.

Tip: freshly boiled corn is better than canned corn which is probably loaded with lots of preservatives.

4. Eggs

Eggs are a nutritious way to end the day because they have high protein content and are very filling. The best recommendations are eggs Benedict or hard-boiled eggs because these don't require adding oil. If you prefer fried eggs, omelettes or scrambled eggs, ensure that you use very little (if any) oil.

5. Fish

Oily fishes are a top recommendation for dinner because they can aid metabolism. You can choose nutritious cod or flounder, which contains omega-3 fatty acids known for its ability to break down fats.

6. Cheese and Grapes

Last but not least is a fancy combo of cheese and grapes. A small portion of cheese only has 100 calories, but it is packed with casein, protein and tryptophan. Casein is beneficial to muscle health and is primarily known to promote satisfaction which means you'll consume less.

On the other hand, grapes are a rich source of melatonin and therefore help you sleep better.

Do you know any more food items that remain healthy even when eaten late at night? Do share!