Weight loss is not a unidimensional thing. There are many aspects involved which should work in your favor to lose weight. And, it certainly is quite disheartening when even after religiously following the right dietary path you gain weight. Here is a list of 9 reasons that are not even related to food and can guide the way you look!

The biggest complaint by people trying to lose weight is that they are not able to shed those extra kilos even when eating healthy! So, sticking to a low calories diet is not the only way to stay healthy as there are other things as well that can alter the way that you look. Read on to know about these 9 non-food related reasons that can lead to weight gain.

Pollution. Living in an area when surrounded by smog and dust slows down the immune system and makes you feel tired and sick all the time. In these conditions, people mostly find comfort in food. Also, pollution results in an inflammation of our vital body organs, which is one of the biggest reasons for diabetes and obesity.

Intestinal microflora. The diverse flora of gut assists in improving immunity and keeping away illnesses. But, some gut bacteria can also make you gain weight as well.

Genetics. Family history very strongly influences your body weight. You may experience a slow metabolism even after leading a very healthy lifestyle because of your genes.

Contraceptives. Some contraceptive pills contain SSRI and hormones that are related to weight gain, which can impact metabolism. However, certain birth control pills with a low dose of hormones may not result in weight gain.

Age. With age, muscles start to weaken and skin turns less elastic. With the progression of age, the visceral fat around the abdominal area also starts to increase and result in a weight gain.

Emotional health. If you are an emotional eater, your emotional health drives you to eat more and this contributes to gain of body weight.

Sleeplessness. Lack of sleep exhausts you and the stress results in a hormonal imbalance. Staying up for long hours also makes you hungry and thus it is important to catch up on at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day.

Exercising. If not regular with exercising, you tend to gain weight because when you are following a weight loss diet the body activates hunger hormones, which increases your appetite and regular exercising increases your metabolism.

Plastics. The component BPA (Bisphenol-A) present in plastics not only pollutes the environment but also disturbs our metabolism as it increases the insulin levels and fat cell formation, which contributes to obesity.