Zucchini flower fritters: the recipe for a simple and irresistible summer appetizer

Total time: 50 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 4 people
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300 grams (2 cups and ½)
250 grams (1 cup)
Zucchini flowers
Instant yeast for savory pies
½ teaspoon
1 pinch
Peanut oil
as much as is needed

Zucchini flowers fritters are a little delicacy that is often present on summer tables. The recipe can change, from the version with brewer's yeast, water and flour, to the yeast-free version, up to the richer variant, with a batter made from eggs and milk, exactly the recipe that we propose here. So let’s find out how to perfectly prepare this delicious appetizer, ideal to serve as an entrée for a special dinner.

How to prepare zucchini flowers fritters

Clean the zucchini flowers by removing the outermost filaments and separating the flowers from the stem with the pistil 1. Rinse them gently under cold running water and pat them with a sheet of absorbent kitchen paper.

Collect the flour, milk, eggs and a pinch of salt on a plate 2. Beat and add the instant yeast, then mix until you get a smooth batter.

Heat plenty of peanut oil. Meanwhile, dip one flower at a time into the batter holding it with pliers 3.

Cover the flower completely with the batter, on all sides, then lift it 4 letting the excess batter drain.

Dip the battered flowers in boiling oil, a few at a time. Turn them halfway through cooking and, when they are golden brown, drain on absorbent kitchen paper 5.

Serve the zucchini flowers fritters when they are still hot 6.


Zucchini flowers fritters should be enjoyed hot and freshly fried; if there are any left, keep them in the refrigerator and, before consuming them, put them back in a hot oven for a few minutes and they will be as freshly made.

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